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The Art of Decanting: Why, When and How


The dictionary describes decanting as simply transferring a wine from one receptacle to another before serving. It doesn’t sound that complicated, but the reality is not quite so simple. Decanting a wine may serve to remove sediment, interact with oxygen to trigger the development of the aromatics or simply to be easier to pour. Young Wines Decanting a young wine ... Read More »

Exploring the International World of Wine

Imperial Library

France. Italy. Chile. Australia. Fine wine can be found worldwide. At Millesima we take pride in bringing you the best of the best and helping you explore the wide world of fine wine. Travel Around Gift Packs Many of us love to travel but finding the time to cross continents can be difficult. But with our curated Travel Around Gift ... Read More »

Producer Profile: Vajra – Rebirth of Tradition

Vajra's Vineyards

“I try to make wines that give people joy. In the past wine was a food, it was necessary for sustenance. Today that is not the case, we choose to drink for pleasure. I want to make wines that bring people happiness.” – Aldo Vaira It was a controversial decision in 1972 for Aldo Vaira to leave Torino and found ... Read More »

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