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#2 Millesima Tips: Grape varieties – Top 10 (2/2)

Millesima Tips Top 10 varieties

Following our article on the grape varieties of the Millesima Tips series, we will focus on the top 10 most planted varieties in the world according to research from the University of Adelaide in Australia. 6 of the 10 are French! The Top 10 most widely planted grape varieties 1/ Cabernet Sauvignon Total Surface Area: 290,091 hectares Cabernet Sauvignon is ... Read More »

#2 Millesima Tips: Grape Varieties (1/2)

Millesima Tips 2 Varieties

For the second edition of Millesima Tips, we are going to focus on an important aspect of the wine-making process. No two grapes taste alike. We are going to closely examine several different grape varietals and understand how it translates to what we find in our glasses. Grapes & vines Grapes can be enjoyed as a summer snack or in ... Read More »

Reverdy: Family, Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Noir in the Loire Valley

Domaine Pascal & Nicolas Reverdy Millesima Tips

Domaine Pascal & Nicolas Reverdy is known for producing pure, high-quality expressions of Sancerre’s terroir. Wine making is the family’s tradition. Located in the Loire Valley, this region is famous for its extraordinary Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. Wine-making with Family The family lives in Maimbray, which is a small quaint village in the Centre-Val de-Loire Region. Its neighbors are ... Read More »

Prosecco: Italian Sparkling Wine

Prosecco Millesima

Prosecco is often compared to Champagne, but there is so much more to the sparkling wine than its “competition”. Prosecco is Italy’s most popular sparkling wine. Only produced in the Valdobbiadene region of Veneto, Italy, we’re going to learn about the distinct characteristics and history of this timeless sparkling wine. The Origin of Italian Bubbles Prosecco dates back to the ... Read More »

#1 Millesima Tips: The vine cycle

Millesima Tips Vine Cycle

Millesima presents Millesima Tips, a series of educational articles that will delve into various topics related to the world of wine: from tasting, to how to store & serve wines and wine-making techniques. The first edition will reveal the mysteries of the vine cycle. From the dormant period to the harvest and everything in between. The awakening of the vines ... Read More »

The Wines of New Zealand

Land Of Diversity The history of the wines of New Zealand its vineyards dates back to 1819, when a French bishop planted the first vines. Today there are only a handful of very old wineries still existing. The wine industry in the country is not older than 25 years. However, the progress in quality is remarkable, in spite of this ... Read More »

Piedmont | Home of Diverse Terroirs and Varietals

Located in the far north-west of Italy, just across the Alps from the Provence wine-growing region of France, Piedmont (Piemonte in Italian) is home to more DOCG’s and DOC’s than any other region in Italy. Moreover, an impressive 40% of all Piedmont wines are at DOCG or DOC level. This area is perhaps most famous for the production of complex and tannic ... Read More »

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