Chateau Margaux: a great history and an exceptional wine

© François Poincet

Everyone who is slightly interested in the world of wine and its history, know Chateau Margaux. Several owners allowed it to evolve over time, the property has had its fair share of ups and downs. From la Mothe de Margaux in the 12th century to its incredible fame today, the atypical course of this Chateau is built on a history ... Read More »

The 2015 Futures : 1 year anniversary is almost here!

Millesima created an event specifically for wine-professionals 28 years ago. A few days before the new vintage is released, we offer the opportunity to re-taste the 2015 futures, just before bottling. This event is an unforgettable tasting that allows many critics and journalists to confirm or revise the grades they gave in April 2015 (Primeurs/Futures Week). 2015 Primeurs: a privileged ... Read More »

Chandon de Briailles – The finesse and tradition of Burgundy

Chandon de Briailles Estate

Chandon de Briailles – Côte-d’Or, Burgundy The Count Chandon de Briailles inherited the estate from his grandmother, a successor of the famous champagne house Moët & Chandon. Today his children, Claude and François de Nicolay manage the winery together. Although they present two very different backgrounds, they share a common passion: wine. They complement each other in their personalities and ... Read More »

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