Why Purchase Bordeaux Futures from Millesima

Bordeaux Futures 2015

Longtime Expert on Bordeaux Futures Millesima is a fine wine and Bordeaux futures specialist. Millesima is one of the 400 licensed wine merchants who participate on the “Place de Bordeaux” and one of the fifth biggest buyers of Futures wines. It have one of the largest Futures catalogs in Bordeaux, and offers the most complete selection of Futures in the United States. ... Read More »

2015 Vintage in Bordeaux

Right after the harvest started, Bordeaux’s 2015 vintage was already creating a buzz. 2015 is definitely a good year for the region’s winemakers. The weather conditions provided conditions that observers compare to the legendary 2005 vintage. Bordeaux’s climate is ideally suited to the slow maturation necessary for its classic grapes – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc – to develop ... Read More »

Wine Futures: Why Vintage Matters

Even more than other wine regions, weather has a great impact on Bordeaux wine and wine futures. Bordeaux is benefits from a moderate climate without extreme temperatures. The Atlantic Ocean provides a moderating effect, keep extreme temperature swings at bay. Its vineyards benefit from warm, sunny summers. Its winters are cool but not too cold, and damaging frost is relatively ... Read More »

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