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Panorama Primeurs 2014

One of the most highly-anticipated tastings of the year! Millesima has organized its Panorama Primeurs Tasting for the past several years. This unique event allows wine professionals to revisit the previous year’s en primeur campaign. This original concept is uniquely Millesima’s. In March, one year after its initial release, it is the 2014 vintage that will be on display. Our invited ... Read More »

Catherine and Pierre Breton: Natural Wine Icons

natural wine, Pierre Breton

The natural wine movement has gained momentum in recent years—though the techniques have existed for centuries! The category of natural wine is not strictly defined; there is no official classification for what it constitutes. To state a complex philosophy as simply as possible, natural wine is made without any added ingredients and with an absolute bare minimum of intervention when ... Read More »

Guess the Wine Advocate 2015 Bordeaux Futures Scores

Can you guess the scores from the famous magazine—before they come out? Millesima, specialized in Bordeaux Grand Crus wines and the fifth largest purchaser of wine futures on the famous “Place de Bordeaux,” announces the launch of its Wine Advocate game: The chance to guess the Wine Advocate scores before they are released! Bordeaux Wine Futures The Bordeaux wine futures ... Read More »

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