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Millesima Tips #11: How to Taste a Wine

A bottle of wine is like a message whispered by the winemaker into the ears of the taster about the grape variety and the terroir of origin. In Millesima Tips #1 (Vine Cycle) and #2 (Varieties), we discussed the basis of that message and, in the two articles that followed, how the winemaker conveys it in the creation of a wine. In the ... Read More »

Focus on Organic Wines | A Fast-Growing Trend in the World of Wine

A quick glance at the statistics on organic wine imports and sales makes clear that this fast-growing trend in the United States is here to stay. We have no doubt all seen “Organic” sections popping up in our local wine shops and bars. But what exactly is organic wine and how did it become so popular? Is it better for ... Read More »

Domaine Jacques Prieur | A Vast Collection of Prestigious Vineyards

Founded in 1865 and based in the famous Meursault appellation of Burgundy, the prestigious Domaine Jacques Prieur reigns over a vast collection of diverse vineyards, spread across the region’s most widely known appellations. Today this 21-hectare estate comprises 9 Grand Crus in the Cote d’Or and 14 Premier Crus in the Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune regions, planted with the region’s two most celebrated varietals, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. 150 Years of ... Read More »

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