Futures 2016: Top appellations from the Right Bank

Futures 2016: Top appellations from the Right Bank

Benefitting from a slow and steady maturation in 2016, the Right Bank produced wines that are just as exceptional as those of the Left Bank. Remarkably pure, warm with tight and smooth tannins, Right Bank 2016 Futures are rich with superb black fruit aromas. Unlock the secrets of the standout Right Bank appellations: Saint-EmilionFronsac and Pomerol.

2016 : Astounding Merlot

Right Bank Futures 2016


Saint Emilion Appellation

Situated in Libourne, the AOC Saint-Emilion gives its name to two appellations: Saint-Emilion and Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the appellation covers an area of 5,600 hectares and produces (on average) 235,000 hectoliters of red wine a year. There are four main types of soil: loamy-clay, clay, limestone composed of alluvial deposits, and sand.

An extremely rainy winter and spring filled the vines’ water reserves, meaning they were able to retain moisture during 2016’s very dry summer. Saint Emilion’s 2016 Futures are rich and concentrated. 2015 was quite successful, yet 2016 managed to surpass that high benchmark. The style is more powerful and technical, resulting in balanced and taut wines. Their aromatic complexity is profound. Even as Futures, these wines are enticing.

A few favorites from Saint-Emilion:

Chateau Figeac 2016 Futures

Chateau Figeac 2016

Chateau La Gaffeliere 2016 Futures

Chateau La Gaffeliere 2016

Chateau Grand Mayne 2016 Futures

Chateau Grand Mayne 2016

Futures 2016 – Saint-Emilion

Chateau La Dauphine vines

©Chateau La Dauphine

Fronsac Appellation:

Located west of Libourne, surrounded by two rivers (Dordogne and Isle), the AOC Fronsac extends over seven different communes. It covers an area of 850 hectares and produces only red wines, representing around 44,000 hl/ year. The appellation’s climate is favourable to grape maturation.

The wines of Fronsac were unable to escape the uneven weather of 2016: a very dry summer, September rains … yet surprisingly, homogenous wines were produced, very rich in fruit and alcohol. With excellent aging potential, The 2016 Futures from Fronsac prove to be promising for those willing to wait.

A few favorites from Fronsac:

Chateau Canon Pecresse 2016 Futures

Chateau Canon Pecresse 2016

Chateau Dalem 2016 Futures

Chateau Dalem 2016

Chateau La Dauphine 2016 Futures

Chateau La Dauphine 2016

Futures 2016 – Fronsac

Chateau Clinet vines 2016

Chateau Clinet ©Patrick-Cronenberger

Pomerol appellation:

AOC Pomerol is located in Libourne. Known for being the birthplace of Petrus, the appellation covers an area of over 770 hectares and produces (on average) 31,000 hl of red wine per year. The popular grape variety in Pomerol is Merlot. The terroir’s unique clay soil allows unique aromatic and tasting expressions.

Though the gravel soils suffered in the heat, the clay soils did very well, helping the wine flourish. The wines are impressive and charming. They are voluptuous, well-structured, and decadent, with excellent potential for aging.

A few favorites from Pomerol :

Chateau Clinet Futures 2016

Chateau Clinet 2016

Chateau La Conseillante Futures 2016

Chateau La Conseillante 2016

Chateau De Sales Futures 2016

Chateau De Sales 2016

Futures 2016 – Pomerol

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