Louis Cheze: Passionate and self-taught winemaker
The steep slopes of Maison Louis Cheze in the Northern Rhone Valley

Louis Cheze: Passionate and self-taught winemaker

Maison Louis Cheze is a familial property that was passed down to Louis Cheze in 1978. This domain is located on top of Limony’s hillside, on the right bank of the Rhone River. 60 kilometers south of Lyon, in the heart of the northern Cotes du Rhone.

Louis’ determination, curiosity and rigor can be seen in his care-taking of the vines and wine-making. Each vintage is a challenge to allow the wines to purely express their terroir. Many cuvees have distinct characteristics thanks to the parcel of land where they are produced, and Louis Cheze works tirelessly to let them display their elegance.

At the heart of the Northern Rhone Valley vineyards

Domain Louis Cheze

Syrah grapes on the Louis Cheze vineyard

Sitting on the top of Limony’s hillside is Louis Cheze’s estate, located on the right bank of the Rhone River, and the grapes that he has planted with care and respect. The region has distinct soil characteristics, which can found in the unique characteristics of the wines. The plots are sloped and bear rewarding fruit, but they are not easy to manage. Planted on granite soil and steep slopes, there is no margin for error. The temperate climate and the amount of sunlight provide perfect conditions for growing Syrah. This grape variety is one of the keys to success the estate.

The wine growing history dates back to 1978, when Louis Cheze took over the family’s farm. At the time the farm was used for breeding animals, harvesting vegetables and a small production of grapes. Louis Cheze began his wine growing activity with a single hectare of vines. He had to work with a wine merchant, because he did not have access to facilities, tools for packaging or financial means for distribution. Louis’ goals were to have 10 hectares, but over the years this evolved into 35 hectares across several different appellations such as Condrieu and Saint Joseph. Needless to say, he has fallen absolutely in love with the process of wine-making.

A dedicated and passionate winemaker

Louis Cheze vines

Louis Cheze built the prestige of his domain from nothing. He cleared and replanted the plots himself. This was the beginning of his passion and dedication for wine. Louis has proven his capacity to meet challenges. A practically self-taught wine maker, wine-making knowledge was not as easily accessible as it is today. Fortunately, Georges Vernay, the “pope” of Condrieu, believed in his almost tangible passion. Louis went to Bordeaux with Jean-Luc where a wine revolution was well underway. This was the moment that Louis understood the potential of his unique hillside vineyards. He used vineyard specific techniques, redesigned his cellar and invested in barrels to earn the recognition that he deserves.

Wines from Maison Louis Cheze

Louis Cheze Ro-Ree

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Louis Cheze: Ro-Ree 2015

Ro-Ree 2015 has a striking luminous pale yellow color. The nose is exquisite with acacia, hawthorn and honey aromas. In the mouth, Ro-Ree is smooth and abundant. After aging for a few years, the wines develop tertiary notes of toast.

Louis Cheze Pagus Luminis

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Louis Cheze : Pagus Luminis 2014

Pagus Luminus 2014 has a yellow color with shiny golden reflections. On the nose, white flowers and fresh peaches express themselves. In the mouth, Pagus Luminis is fresh and supple with a beautiful mineral finish. Ready to drink immediately after bottling or in 2-4 years. To see Viognier develop complex tertiary aromas, let it age.

Louis Cheze Anges

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Louis Cheze: Anges 2014

Louis Cheze’s Anges 2014 has a beautiful ruby color that is deep and clear. The nose is sophisticated with notes of black fruits, sweet spices and light remnants of woodiness. In the mouth, the straight-forward attack is paired beautifully with harmonious tannins. The finish is long and persistent. This wine can age for 10-15 years.

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