Futures 2016 | Chateau Figeac, the most Left Bank estate on the Right Bank, releases its 2016 vintage
©Chateau FIGEAC

Futures 2016 | Chateau Figeac, the most Left Bank estate on the Right Bank, releases its 2016 vintage

Chateau FIGEAC is a 1er Grand Cru in the Saint Emilion appellation, that offers some of the most refined and elegant wines of Bordeaux. The domain’s location, terroir, and history are perfectly intertwined with that of Saint-Emilion. Dating back to the second century and the Figeacus family.

The Figeacus family

Chateau FIGEAC Futures 2016

©Chateau FIGEAC

In the 2nd century, the Figeacus family owned a large estate and villa on the same land where the present-day chateau is located. We know that during the Middle Ages, this large farming estate was a noble house. In the 15th century, FIGEAC was one of five noble houses in Saint-Emilion. Raymond de Cazes, a name popular in Bordeaux wine history, rebuilt the chateau in 1586 reviving the classical Renaissance style. Shortly after, the Carles family inherited the land of FIGEAC through marriage. In the following years, the family continued being influential and dynamic in the region. Their sharp commercial prowess opened opportunities with foreign clients and clients in Paris. The Manoncourt family gained control of the estate in 1892, and acquired three gravel mounds that have amazing qualities. They also, finalized the property as a wine estate. During this time, the vineyard was equipped with oak vats (made from the property’s own wood), and experimented with planting new vegetation around the chateau. Albert Macquin, the agricultural engineer, brought a new scientific approach to vineyard and wine-making.

It was not until 1907, that the Chateau FIGEAC label with the coat of arms was created. It has evolved over time, guarding it’s easy to recognise able characteristics. In 1955, his effort paid off and Chateau FIGEAC became a First Great Classified Growth. From the 60s to the late 80s, FIGEAC gained international recognition from Eastern markets such as Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

FIGEAC was taken over by count Eric d’Aramon, in the 80s, to modernise the estate and ensure the long term survival of the business. He was also responsible for focusing on the scientific development. Frederic Faye’s arrival in 2002, marked the continuation of the family’s legacy.

Today, Madame Manoncourt and her daughters run the estate working closely with their skilled wine-growing teams. Their main objective is to continue the spreading the spirit that the world knows and loves from Chateau FIGEAC.

Chateau FIGEAC Futures 2016 bottles

©Chateau FIGEAC

Terroir: a blend of tradition, innovation, and science

Biodiversity and the environment has been a priority for Chateau FIGEAC since the 1900s. In the 1950s, their wine growing always took into consideration the effect on the surrounding environment. In order to show the purest expression of the FIGEAC terroir, the vines need to be healthy and above all naturally elegant. The complexity of the terroir will reveal itself in elegant magical ways, provided that the vines receive the nurturing that they need.

FIGEAC’s soil composition has marvellous viticultural potential, which is why the Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties thrive. It is the largest property in Saint-Emilion with 40 hectares of vines and 14 hectares of ponds, meadows and woods surrounding the chateau. The soil is composed of gravel and sandy-clay and help grow grapes along with other crops on the property.

Some techniques that the vineyard has used include are infrared aerial photography and soil pit analyses. These techniques provide the growers with more information so that they can make well-informed decisions.

Chateau FIGEAC 2016 Future releases:

 Chateau FIGEAC Futures 2016 

Petit-FIGEAC 2016 Future releases:

 Petit-FIGEAC Futures 2016 

Already released Futures:

Futures 2016 

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