Camille Giroud: History and Change in the Côte d’Or
© Camille Giroud

Camille Giroud: History and Change in the Côte d’Or

David Croix

© David Croix

Like most great french wine producers the negociant Domaine Camille Giroud dates to the mid 1800’s. Descended from Swiss immigrants, Camille Giroud founded his self-named house in 1856. He married late in life and eventually passed the business to his son Lucien, who similarly married late in life. The result of which was that by the late 20th Century Lucien and his two sons, Bernard and Francois, were still in charge of the family business. Eventually, due to the financial difficulties brought on by lean years in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the business was sold to an American consortium led by celebrated winemaker Ann Colgin, her husband and other investors. While still preserving the spirit of the house, Ann and her team modernized not only the facilities but the winemaking with the help of David Croix.

Due to the long-lived leadership of each successive generation it is clear to see the differing styles and marks left on the houses. One of the last producers of “vin de guarde” Lucien was a firm believer in strong tannins and wines that required great aging. His sons continued in this tradition but expanded the family range with the acquisition of 1.2 hectares (2.9 acres) in Beaune. Under the leadership of David Croix clarity of terroir became the crucial philosophy. This is accomplished through the blending of modern, organic principles, and traditional, the use of an old 1920’s wooden press with the resultant wines being comprised of a bright bouquet, sensual mouthfeel and a well sculpted base of fine tannins.

The Wines of Camille Giroud

  • Bourgogne Rouge 2011
  • Bourgogne Rouge 2012
  • Marsannay “Les Longeroies” 2011
87 Points, Wine Spectator.  Simple and straightforward this 100% Pinot Noir has an approachable style and a robust bouquet. Light in body with some defining tannins it is ripe with cherry aromas and hints of tobacco. Well-balanced and bright it delivers good length.

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Playful on the palate the bouquet is ripe with notes of raspberry, cherry and cranberry. Smooth on the palate the finish is slightly chewy with a lovely sweet fruit character.

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89 Points, Wine Spectator. Delicate and full of charm this smooth wine presents notes of raspberry, dried cherry and pomegranate. Easy on the palate this rich wine is elegant and approachable. Firmly structured this vibrant wine has a long finish of spice and minerality.

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