Producer Profile: Chateau Simone
© Chateau Simone

Producer Profile: Chateau Simone

Chateau Simone Cellar

© Chateau Simone Cellar

Likely the oldest wine producing region in France, Provence is highly celebrated for its blended rose wines. Producing fine wines since time immemorial, Chateau Simone creates quality red, white and rose wines, despite the regional inclinations. Located just 4 kilometers outside of Aix-en-Provence, this estate was once the fortified country stronghold of the Grand Carmes d’Aix monastic order; it was the monks who tended these fields, dug the 16th century cellars and established the strong reputation of this estate. This reputation for quality was then carried on by the Rougier family when they gained ownership of the property in 1830.

Preserving this tradition, it was Jean Rougier who was instrumental in restoring the vineyards to their former glory after the phylloxera crisis and in establishing the Palette AOC. Holding over 50% of the planted hectares in the AOC, Chateau Simone is truly unique. To preserve the unique characteristics of the grapes, some of which are grown on vines over 100 years old, and the distinctive terroir, a natural amphitheater on the slopes of Mont Sainte-Victoire, the winemaking team relies on minimal interventionist principles. With manual harvests, two careful sortings and fermentation with natural yeasts the wines are a true expression of the distinctive microclimate, a fact only highlighted by 6 months aging on the lees. The wines are then aged in oak vats for 18 monts before spending an additional year in barrel. With limited distribution in the United States, these extraordinary wines are a rare opportunity that is not to be missed.

The Wines of Chateau Simone

Chateau Simone Blanc 2008

Chateau Simone Blanc 2008A blend of Clairette, Grenache Blanc, Ugni Blanc, Bourboulenc and Muscat Blanc this is a crisp Provencal white wine. Brisk and with a lingering finish, defined by strong minerality and herbal notes, this wine is truly elegant. Lacking the traditional wood flavors this clean and understated wine seamlessly pairs with a wide array of foods.

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