William’s Pick for October: Uccelliera Rapace and Domaine du Pas de l’Escalette

Uccelliera Rapace 2008
Rapace 2008

Super Tuscan. It’s a popular name among wine drinkers. The only problem is that it doesn’t really tell you much of anything about what’s inside the bottle as it can literally be just about anything. Some contain no traditional “Tuscan” grape varieties, depending on where you choose to set your criteria for “traditional.” Uccelliera was split from the neighboring Ciacci Piccolomini estate in Montalcino in 1986, and their Rapace (produced in quantities which make some “Cult” Cabernets from Napa look like bulk wine) is a blend of Sangiovese, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon all with plantings dating back to the 1970s. It shows dark, supple fruits along with spice and oak notes.

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2010 Bordeaux Vintage Reports by Appellation
2010 Bordeaux Vintage Reports by Appellation
Julien Zernott and Delphine Rousseau acquired the Domaine du Pas de l’Escalette in 2003. The estate is located in the Terrasses du Larzac, a particularly steep and hilly section of the Coteaux du Languedoc just west of Pic Saint Loup known for producing wines of impressive elegance and purity. The couple farms approximately 40 acres of vineyards split into a few dozen separate parcels, split apart from one another by the area’s complex topography on terraces of different heights on the sheer hillsides (escalette means “ladder,” once the only way to move from one level to the next in the vineyards). An excellent wine for autumn which shows elegance, rich dark fruits, and the signature garrigue of southern France.

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