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Discover Margaux Wines at NYC’s BurdiGala

Margaux Vineyard

The most southern of the four large Medoc appellations, Margaux is also the most extensive and is home to more classified estates than any other appellation. With the thinnest and most gravelly soils in the Médoc, the vines planted in this appellation have deep rootstocks that produce wines that are very supple. Lacking in development in the early 1900’s Margaux’ ... Read More »

Producer Profile: Chateau Margaux

Chateau Margaux - The Versailles of the Medoc

Centuries of History Known since the 12th Century as La Mothe de Margaux, Chateaux Margaux was not always a wine producing estate. This practice was slowly cultivated over time by a number of significant Lords.  However, it was the family Lestonnac, who in 1572 developed the great estate as we know it today. Over the course of ten years they completely restructured ... Read More »

Chateau Palmer and Chateau d’Issan: two of Margaux’s finest

Chateau Palmer : Aspiring to excellence, sharing common values, and acting on them Chateau Palmer’s 55 hectares of vineyards can be found nestled in the heart of the prestigious Margaux appellation. According to the Chateau, “the place of origin is the vineyard. Everything comes from there: the grandeur of the wine, its noblesse, and its identity.” This attitude emphasizes the ... Read More »

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