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Producer Profile : Le Vigne di Zamo

Le Vigne di Zamo

The Zamo family love affair with wine began in 1924 when Luigi Zamo opened an osteria at Manzano, a small town in the heart of the Friuli region. Growing up serving local wine to customers, his son Tulio was inspired to make his own wine under the label Le Vigne di Zamo. He realized his dream in 1978 when he ... Read More »

Producer Profile: Ca’Furlan Prosecco

Alessandro Furlan

Italian slang for “House of Furlan”, Ca’Furlan is celebrated for its classic and thoroughly enjoyable sparkling Prosecco wines. Commonly believed to be the modern “Riabolla” wine, a favorite of Pliny the Elder, Prosecco has long been an Italian favorite and is celebrated around the world today as a delicious alternative to French Champagne. The Ca’Furlan Proseccos are a non-vintage blend ... Read More »

Producer Profile: Cantina F.lli Carafoli

Carafoli Vineyards

Based in the small town of Ravarino, in the Province of Modena (famous for Balsamic Vinegar, Pecarino cheese and Proscuitto ham), Cantina F.lli Carafoli has been producing quality lambrusco wines for three generations. In the heart of the Emilia-Romagna region, celebrated for its ideal lambrusco terroirs, Mauro Carafoli founded this Italian winery in 1919 with a Denomination of Protected Origin ... Read More »

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