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Pascal Cotat

Cotat Monts Damnes

History of Domaine Pascal Cotat Located in the Loire Valley’s Central Vineyards, the Cotats have made their home in the Sancerre AOC. Beginning with brothers Paul and Francis, the Cotats have harvested both Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir from the slopes of Les Monts Damnes in Chavignol since the end of World War II. The brothers worked together to harvest ... Read More »

Paolo Bea

Paolo Bea sign

Paolo Bea Located in the heart of central Italy, in the hilltop village of Montefalco, Paolo Bea, is one of Umbria’s most celebrated winemakers. The Umbrian humility and tradition is emulated by Bea, whose family has been making wine in the region since the 1500s and is expressed in his small family run Italian fattoria. There, he produces wine in ... Read More »

Les Obriers de la Peira and Yves Leccia Patrimonio

Henry Castro Sales Associate

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Musar Jeune and Liquid Farm La Hermana Chardonnay

Ian Brown

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Fay Sassella and Sandhi Bent Rock Chardonnay

Hortense Bernard - General Manager

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Errazuriz Wild Ferment Chardonnay and I Balzini Green Label

Bryan Matland -Sales Associate

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Wines of Northeast Italy Tasting

Northeastern Wines of Italy

Tasting at Millesima NYC! Tastings every Thursday Read More »


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