The Rhone Valley in California: McPrice Myers

Mac in the Tasting Room

The celebrated genius behind the eponymous McPrice Myers has an unusual story. Growing up in a blue collar family in Southern California, McPrice “Mac” Myers was labeled a troublemaker. Not particularly interested in attending college, he dropped out after he hurt his arm and could no longer play baseball. Instead Mac, once considered a picky eater by his parents, found ... Read More »

POE Wines: Burgundian Inspiration in Anderson Valley

Samanta Sheehan of POE Wines

Financier Samantha Sheehan experienced a revelation in Burgundy. Reveling in the distinct terroir and the unique Burgundian approach to life and to wine, she realized it was possible to bring the same appreciation for terroir to California. Turing her focus to the Anderson Valley, Sheehan’s POE Wines produces only single vineyard Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays that highlight the unique potential ... Read More »

Curvature: Wine with a Purpose

Christie Kerr's Curvature

One of the most successful professional female golfers of all time, Cristie Kerr has two additional passions: fine wine and fighting breast cancer. Touring the world on the pro golf circuit, Christie developed a unique love affair with wine and would one day like to become a sommelier. After watching her grandmother, mother and aunt fight breast cancer, Cristie sought ... Read More »