Turley Wine Cellars: Defining California Zinfandel

Rattlesnake Ridge

It’s not often in the wine industry that we talk about single producers defining an entire category. But with Turley Wine Cellars, we get to do just that. Founded in 1993, Turley has helped establish the hugely popular modern California Zinfandel style characterized by its plush mouthfeel and complex fruit. Today Turley produces over 30 wines, predominately single vineyard designated ... Read More »

Cakebread Cellars: Quality, Consistency and Continuity in Napa

Cakebread Winery Ranch vineyards

By French standards, Cakebread Cellars is in its infancy.  Started on a hobbyist’s whim in 1973, it has risen to become a bastion of quality in the Napa Valley. Jack Cakebread started his working career in his family auto repair shop in Oakland, but as an amateur photographer he also had the chance to study with Ansel Adams. It was ... Read More »

The Rhone Valley in California: McPrice Myers

Mac in the Tasting Room

The celebrated genius behind the eponymous McPrice Myers has an unusual story. Growing up in a blue collar family in Southern California, McPrice “Mac” Myers was labeled a troublemaker. Not particularly interested in attending college, he dropped out after he hurt his arm and could no longer play baseball. Instead Mac, once considered a picky eater by his parents, found ... Read More »

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