Penfolds: “From 1844 to Evermore”

While young by European standards, Penfolds of Australia has a rich history that dates to 1844 when Dr. Christopher Rawson Penfolds and his wife Mary purchased the Mackgill estate of 500 acres of choice land outside Adelaide. But what makes this truly extraordinary is that it was Mary who oversaw the estate and early wine making efforts. These first wines, made of ... Read More »

Producer Profile: Domaine Sigalas

Domaine Sigalas

Archeological evidence shows that the Greek island of Santorini has been home to viticultural efforts since the 17th Century BC. Home to over 53 indigenous varieties of grapes, this region’s modern wine making dates back over 3000 years to 1200 BC. Forming the economic, social and cultural heart of the Island, the winemaking efforts here are blessed by vines that ... Read More »

Producer Profile: Domaine Jacques Puffeney

The son of a vineyard worker, Jacques Puffeney began making wine at age 17. But for many years as he worked to develop his reputation and expand his holdings, he supported himself as a cheese maker. Today known as the “Pope of Arbois,” Jacques Puffeney is acknowledged as the most prestigious, engaging and easily recognizable winemaker, due to his rotund ... Read More »

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