Drappier Champagne: History Bottled

Champagne Drappier

The House of Drappier Wines have been produced from the soils surrounding Champagne Drappier for generations, but the story really begins in 1152, when an abbot known as Saint Bernard founded Clairvaux Abbey just a few kilometers north of Burgundy. With him, he not only brought his fellow Cistercian monks, but also a red grape known then as Morillon to ... Read More »

Luxury and Tradition: Dom Perignon

No other wine is as closely associated with celebration than Champagne.  Among the many cuvees in the region, perhaps the most synonomous with luxury and style is Dom Perignon. Produced by France’s largest Champagne house, Moet et Chandon, the wine is famously named after Dom Pérignon, a 17th-century cellarmaster at the Abbey of Hautvillers. Though accounts differ as to whether ... Read More »

Champagne Chartogne-Taillet: Growing Excellence

Chartogne-Taillet Merfy Vineyards

A bastion of the Champagne region in the Montagne de Reims, the vineyards surrounding the village of Merfy were first planted by the Romans. At one point, these vineyards perched in the far North of Champagne, were the most widely planted and renowned of the entire region. But sadly, the region suffered greatly during World War I and today plowing ... Read More »

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