Domaine Hudelot Baillet: Outstanding Quality in Burgundy

Hudelot Baillet Cellar Door

Winemakers in the Chambolle-Musigny region of the Cote des Nuits for four generations, the Hudelot family has a long-standing reputation for quality. Using land inherited from his father Paul, Domaine Hudelot Baillet was established by Joel Hudelot and his wife Chantal Baillet in 1981. Today the estate is comprised of 8.5 hectares (about 21 acres), of which one is planted ... Read More »

Parigot & Richard: Traditional Sparkling Wine from Burgundy

Parigot Cave

Perched just 100 miles south of the famed region of Champagne, Burgundy, long celebrated for its still Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs, has been producing quality sparkling wines since the early 1800’s.  Made with grapes produced across the 400 parishes in Burgundy, crémant and mousseaux (red sparkling wines) are believed to have originated from the village of Savigny-les-Beaune. This village also ... Read More »

Camille Giroud: History and Change in the Côte d’Or

Camille Giroud

Like most great french wine producers the negociant Domaine Camille Giroud dates to the mid 1800’s. Descended from Swiss immigrants, Camille Giroud founded his self-named house in 1856. He married late in life and eventually passed the business to his son Lucien, who similarly married late in life. The result of which was that by the late 20th Century Lucien ... Read More »

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