The Old Vintage Red Wines of Burgundy

In our last article about old vintage red wines, we discussed some of the key factors in ageing wines, opening and serving them. We spoke about why exactly some wines are better for cellaring, while others are meant to be consumed young. We also highlighted some of the best vintages in the Bordeaux region, including 1949, 1982 and the most recent 2005. ... Read More »

Meo Camuzet: Passion and Nature in Burgundy

Meo Camuzet Burgundy

Meo-Camuzet is among the most renowned estates in Burgundy. Jean-Nicolas, current owner, and his team continue to work on the nose and the taste of their wines, respecting nature and showing their passion for the terroir and their profession. Meo-Camuzet : Etienne Camuzet For more than 4 centuries, the Meo family has been dedicated to wine and vineyards.  The village of ... Read More »

Joseph Drouhin

Joseph Drouhin Musigny

History and Family: Maison Joseph Drouhin Burgundy, France is one of the most complex winemaking regions in the world with a rich history of viticulture dating back to the first century. With the fall of the Roman Empire, and the rise of Catholicism as a powerful political force, vineyards fell into the hands of the church. Viticulture thrived, and by ... Read More »