2015 Futures

Wine Futures: Why Vintage Matters

Even more than other wine regions, weather has a great impact on Bordeaux wine and wine futures. Bordeaux is benefits from a moderate climate without extreme temperatures. The Atlantic Ocean provides a moderating effect, keep extreme temperature swings at bay. Its vineyards benefit from warm, sunny summers. Its winters are cool but not too cold, and damaging frost is relatively ... Read More »

Five Reasons to Buy Wine Futures

wine futures lineup

The en primeur system, also known as wine futures, is a unique feature of the Bordeaux wine market. Each spring, wine professionals from all over the world descend on Bordeaux to taste the previous fall’s wines. These wines are still aging in barrel, and won’t be bottled and released to the market for two to three more years. However, the ... Read More »

Guess the Wine Advocate 2015 Bordeaux Futures Scores

Can you guess the scores from the famous magazine—before they come out? Millesima, specialized in Bordeaux Grand Crus wines and the fifth largest purchaser of wine futures on the famous “Place de Bordeaux,” announces the launch of its Wine Advocate game: The chance to guess the Wine Advocate scores before they are released! Bordeaux Wine Futures The Bordeaux wine futures ... Read More »