Millesima Tips

Millesima Tips # 7 | Decanter vs. Carafe

Well-developed wine is a wonderful experience for any wine lover; winegrowers, connoisseurs and amateurs alike. But knowing which tools and accessories should be used with which wines is never easy. This week’s Millesima Tips looks at two tools used for vastly different occasions, the decanter and the carafe. Carafe Carafes tend to look like vases, long bodies and small bases. ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #6 | How to store your wine

Millesima Tips 6 Age

In the last edition of Millesima Tips we discussed the important characteristics that a wine can develop with time. This week, we will discover different tools and techniques that will protect your wines as they age. Age matters: Young vs. old Some wines are meant to be enjoyed early on, because their tannic structure and acidity do not allow them ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #5 | How and when to age your wine?

Millesima Tips 5

In our Millesima Tips series we have discussed and discovered the vine cycle and how wine is matured after fermentation. Now we’ll discuss the penultimate step before drinking wine, aging them. Aging wine? Why?   Wine is a living product. As soon as the cork, or screwcap, is put on the bottle the wine is in a constant state of ... Read More »