Millesima Tips

Millesima Tips #5 | How and when to age your wine?

Millesima Tips 5

In our Millesima Tips series we have discussed and discovered the vine cycle and how wine is matured after fermentation. Now we’ll discuss the penultimate step before drinking wine, aging them. Aging wine? Why?   Wine is a living product. As soon as the cork, or screwcap, is put on the bottle the wine is in a constant state of ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #4 | Maturation: Materials & Techniques

Millesima Tips 4

We often hear about the maturation and aging of wine. What does this do to the wine and how is it done? This process occurs after harvesting the grapes, covered in our previous edition of Millesima Tips.  In this edition, we dive into the process of maturing wine. Aging vs. Maturation: What should you say? Wine can be matured or ... Read More »

#3 Millesima Tips | Wine Harvest : What, When & How?

Harvest Millesima Tips 3

Wine grapes like all crops also need to be picked. “When” and “How” are two of the most important questions that winemakers ask themselves every vintage. We seek to illuminate the important topics surrounding harvests in our third installment of Millesima Tips. Mother Nature Determines All The most crucial point during the vine cycle is determining when to stop growth, ... Read More »