Futures 2016: Top appellations from the Right Bank

Right Bank 2016 Futures

Benefitting from a slow and steady maturation in 2016, the Right Bank produced wines that are just as exceptional as those of the Left Bank. Remarkably pure, warm with tight and smooth tannins, Right Bank 2016 Futures are rich with superb black fruit aromas. Unlock the secrets of the standout Right Bank appellations: Saint-Emilion, Fronsac and Pomerol. 2016 : Astounding Merlot Saint Emilion Appellation Situated ... Read More »

Futures 2016: Top appellations from the Left Bank

Chateau Calon Segur Futures 2016

With irregular weather conditions and unexpected qualitative results, 2016 can only be described as a “miraculous” vintage. After an extremely hot summer, the refreshing downpour of September 13th, 2016 transformed this average vintage into the vintage of the century! Surpassing 2015, 2016 produced sublime wines full of finesse and elegance. Unlock the secrets of this vintage on the Left Bank: ... Read More »

Futures 2016 | June, 14th, 2017 release

Futures 2016 Vieux Chateau Certan

Futures 2016 : Release of the day Today, Vieux Chateau Certan from the Pomerol appellation announced the release of their 2016 vintages. Vieux Chateau Certan – Pomerol Vieux Chateau Certan is one of the oldest appellations in Pomerol, dating back to the 16th century. The Scottish family, the Demays, were the first owners. In 1785, the property is mentioned on the map of Belleyme under ... Read More »