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The 2014 Vintage in France: Plenty of Promise


After a capricious 2013 in France, wine enthusiasts around the world have high hopes for a great 2014 vintage.  Despite hailstorms in key regions there is a lovely perspective for the upcoming harvest. Walking through the vineyards, there are plentiful examples of light, airy clusters in good health, that hint at a promise of lovely maturity. In the majority of ... Read More »

James Suckling: 2009 & 2010 Crus Bourgeois Report

American journalist and wine critic, James Suckling started his launched his career with an almost thirty- year tenure at the celebrated magazine Wine Spectator. Editor-in-chief at the European offices, Suckling had unrivaled access to the best of the European wine world. Thanks to his close proximity he was able to constantly refine his palate with the best wines of Bordeaux ... Read More »

Producer Profile: Chateau Simone

Chateau Simone

Likely the oldest wine producing region in France, Provence is highly celebrated for its blended rose wines. Producing fine wines since time immemorial, Chateau Simone creates quality red, white and rose wines, despite the regional inclinations. Located just 4 kilometers outside of Aix-en-Provence, this estate was once the fortified country stronghold of the Grand Carmes d’Aix monastic order; it was ... Read More »

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