Chateau La Lagune | Enduring Excellence in the Haut-Medoc

Chateau La Lagune | Enduring Excellence in the Haut-Medoc

A 3rd Cru Classe by the 1855 classification system, Chateau La Lagune is known for its signature range of three wonderful wines – the Chateau La LaguneMoulin de La Lagune and Mademoiselle L. The estate’s 80 hectares of vines are planted with the noble varietals of Bordeaux’s Medoc region – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot. These vines are managed using organic and biodynamic methods, with Chateau La Lagune officially earning its Organic certificate starting with its 2016 vintage. But the story of Chateau La Lagune is also one of endurance. Having survived several decades of economic hardship, a disastrous frost and the destructive effects of two World Wars, this historic property continues to produce wines that brilliantly express the terroir of the prestigious Haut Medoc appellation in Bordeaux’s Left Bank.

Three Centuries of History, Through Good Times and Bad

Chateau La Lagune first appeared in the drawings of famous French architect Baron Victor Louis, who also designed the emblematic Grand Theater of Bordeaux. The classically styled building, owned by the Seze family, was constructed in 1715 and the vineyards of the property planted in 1724. Soon after its very first vintage, the estate was already known for producing fine Bordeaux wine and became a 3rd Cru Classe under the classification system of 1855. By the mid-1950’s Chateau La Lagune experienced a series of unfortunate hardships, many of which were brought on by the end of World War II. In 1956, the estate was hit by a devastating frost and lost a large portion of its vineyards. Around this time George Brunette purchased the property and began replanting its vineyards. But soon after, Brunette was forced to sell Chateau La Lagune to the Ducellier family of Champagne Ayala, due to financial problems of his own. The estate was later sold to the Frey family, also at the helm of the prestigious Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aine in the Rhone Valley, and is now managed by talented winemaker and owner Caroline Frey. 

© Julie Rey

© Julie Rey

An Ideal Terroir in the Hat-Medoc

The 80-hectare vineyard of Chateau La Lagune are planted with the emblematic grape varieties of Bordeaux’s Medoc region: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot and 10% Petit Verdot. The vines, around 30 years old on average, are planted on a gravelly plateau, ideal for the grapevine. Since the vintage of 2016, Chateau La Lagune has been operating under the organic seal with 100% of its vineyard managed using organic farming practices, along with some biodynamic techniques. The vines are tended to without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, which could severely harm both the plants and the microorganisms that make up the surrounding soil ecosystem. It is the estate’s chief mission to preserve the health of the vine, its natural environment and the winegrowers dedicated to the land.

Careful Vinification of Three Signature Wines

Each year the grapes are vinified parcel by parcel in a collection of several temperature-controlled, stainless steel vats of varying sizes. Malolactic fermentation also takes place in the vat and the wine is blended before being aged for 15-18 months in oak barrels, of which 70 to 80% are new. The estate currently produces a line of 3 wines, including a second wine called Moulin de La Lagune and a third wine named Mademoiselle L. The wines of Chateau La Lagune are lauded worldwide for their elegance, harmony and great finesse, a profile resulting from a happy blend of an exceptional terroir, perfectly mature fruit, careful vinification and patience in aging.

©Julie Rey

©Julie Rey

Focus on One of Our Favorites from Chateau La Lagune

1Chateau La Lagune 1996

The Chateau La Lagune from Haut-Medoc displays a garnet-tinted red color. On the nose, this wine reveals fresh aromas of ripe fruits. The attack in mouth is elegant, with rich body and harmonious density. The tannic finish attests to this wine’s origin, the Haut-Medoc appellation. The wine is a perfected pairing with lamprey, a classic dish from Bordeaux. It will also go beautifully with roasted meats or wild game.

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