Futures 2016 | Chateau Angelus: A noble history
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Futures 2016 | Chateau Angelus: A noble history

Chateau Angelus is a Classified First growth in the Saint-Emilion appellation. Its history, is one of heritage. Passion and wine have been the driving forces behind this family for several generations. Chateau Angelus is known for amazingly well-structured wines and its famous bell which can be heard in all of Saint Emilion.

Centuries of Family Heritage

Chateau Angelus has been in the de Bouard de Laforest family since 1782. Jean de Bouard de Laforest was a bodyguard for the King, who settled in Saint-Emilion. Catherine Sopie de Bouard de Laforest, his daughter, married Charles Souffrain de Lavergne in 1795 on her husband’s estate. Chateau de Saint-Emilion Mazerat, expanded after Maurice de Bouard de Laforest inherited the estate in the early 20th century. He added a 3 hectare enclosure named Angelus in 1920. His sons, Jacques and Christian de Bouard, inherited the land in 1920, and the property was classified in 1954. Expansion of the vineyard continued, until it reached 20 hectares in 1985. In 1987, Hubert de Bouard de Laforest and his cousin, Jean-Bernard Grenie, started to manage the estate together. Now the chateau is run by Hubert, Bernard, Stephanie de Bourad-Rivoal and Thierry Grenie de Bouard.

An Exceptional Terroir

Chateau Angelus Futures 2016

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Chateau Angelus is a vineyard that is in a south facing slope of Saint-Emilion. Water is drained naturally thanks to the slope. Limestone and clay provide the vines with the nutrients that they need to produced well-structured wines. The grapes are distributed on the land, based on the soil type. Cabernet Franc (47%) is on the sandy-clay limestone at the bottom of the hill and Merlot (50%) is on the hill. The last grape variety grown on the property is Cabernet Sauvignon (3%). The Cabernet Franc vines tend to reach their peak at the age of 20 years old.

Chateau Angelus: Distinct Style

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Quality has never been questioned when Chateau Angelus’ wines are discussed. It earned the Premier Grand Cru Class A classification in 2012. This is all due to the care and passion of the du Bouard La Forest family.

In the past 30 years, Hubert de Bouard de Laforest has constantly challenged practices and techniques for the benefit of his land and the unique characteristics of the wines it produces. The wines of Chateau Angelus take their time to develop, but are some of the most fascinating and refined wines of the world. Hubert de Bouard, wants to ensure that the grapes are well taken care of before they produce wine. One year, a portion of his yield was manually destemmed. This delayed oxygenation and maintained the grape’s freshness.

Chateau Angelus was also one of the first vineyards in Saint Emilion to use optical sorting technology. Lasers are used to scan the grapes, and an additional hand-sorting after to ensure that only high quality grapes are being used.

Chateau Angelus Futures 2016 

Le Carillon d’Angelus Futures 2016 

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