Wine Futures/Primeurs Alerts – Be one of the first to receive notifications about 2016 releases

Wine Futures/Primeurs Alerts – Be one of the first to receive notifications about 2016 releases

Wine Futures Alerts 2016 – Don’t miss out!

Our 6th edition of Wine Futures/En Primeur Alerts will give you access to the highly anticipated 2016 vintage. The 2015 vintage experienced very mild weather, these ideal weather conditions allowed the wines to reach optimal maturity. The 2016 vintage is rumored to be better than those of 2009 and 2010. In terms of balance and a great acidity which produce harmonious wines, the Futures of 2016 have lots of volume and freshness.

Buying wine in Futures is an opportunity to obtain highly coveted after and rare wines in different formats: Half-bottles, magnum, or other large formats. The price of the Futures wines are almost always less than at the moment of delivery (approximately 2 years after). Millesima offers a wide-range of formats for its Futures- from the half-bottle to the 18L Melchior. The entire stock of wines come directly from the property, in their original wooden boxes. We are the 5th biggest buyer of Grand Crus from Place de Bordeaux, and we have a stock of 2 500 000 bottles in our 200 year old wine cellar.

With such high levels of anticipation, how can anyone risk missing a release! We at Millesima want you to be one of the first to know. The best way to avoid missing out is to sign up for our Futures Alert system. After the week of Futures tastings 2016 – April 3rd to April 9th in Bordeaux- wine professionals are going to publish their first impressions and observations on our most recent vintage.

Millesima offers you the possibility to personalize your alerts to stay informed, in real time, about the availability of your favorite wines or preferred appellations via SMS or email. Our alert system is simple and fast, discover in a few steps how to choose the Chateaux or appellations that you would wish to follow.

How to receive your Wine Futures 2016 Alerts?

1. Go to our site:


2. Select “En Primeurs/Futures” > from the home page of your chosen country, then “Our fine wines of En Primeurs 2016”



3. Click on “Alert me” for the Chateau that you would like to follow


4. Indicate you email or mobile phone number


5. Validate


You will then receive a confirmation email for your Futures Alerts to connect you to your account. From there, you can easily:

  • See the Chateaux that you have selected to follow
  • Add or remove, thanks to our special tool, appellations
  • Quickly make your orders

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our sales service at or by phone at 01 212 639-9463


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