Paolo Bea Cerrete Montefalco Sagrantino and Damijan Malvasia
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Paolo Bea Cerrete Montefalco Sagrantino and Damijan Malvasia

Paolo Bea Cerrete Montefalco Sagrantino

Paolo Bea

Vigneto Cerrete Secco 2007

Paolo Bea is a very highly regarded winemaker in the region of Umbria in Central Italy. Here in the village of Montefalco, the grape variety Sangrantino reigns as king. Sagrantino, an indigenous grape varietal to the area, is known for having some of the highest tannin levels of any grape variety in the world. It takes the hand of a skilled winemaker to coax a balanced and delicious wine from this otherwise tough grape. Bea is just that! His natural approach to the grape and wine allows the rich fruit to come forward with the proper aging. It is for this reason Paolo Bea hold his wine back for several years of aging prior to release. This 2007 Cerrete is his current release with nearly 9 years of age on it already. While this wine can be enjoyed now, it will certainly continue to mature and blossom with more time in the bottle.

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Damijan Malvasia

Damijan Podversic

Malvasia 2008

Up in Northern Italy, in the region of Friuli, right along the border of Slovenia, lie the vineyards of Damijan Podversic. Another very natural wine maker who uses both organic and biodynamic techniques in his vineyards, and minimal to no sulpher in his winemaking. Whiel all of his wines are amazing, I have found myself drawn to his “white” wines, such as this Malvasia. His use of skin contact during fermentation place place this wine in the sub-category of white wines referred to as “orange wines”. This name comes from the darker golden orange hue the wine takes on due to the skin contact. The result is a white wine with body and tannin structure unlike any white wine you have had before. The sediment in the bottle is nothing to be afraid of, and totally normal. Notes of spice and peach delight the waxy rich mouth feel. A perfect wine to usher in the fall and cooler weather!

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