Maison Trimbach
Maison Trimbach

Maison Trimbach

Maison Trimbach

Viticulture has been a central part of the Trimbach Family for almost four centuries. In the Haut-Rhin since 1626, the Trimbachs have been creating wines that express and promote the unique terroir of Alsace, one of France’s sunniest and driest climates. In the nature of a true family run business, collaboration happens at multiple levels. Maison Trimbach is owned by brothers Bernard and Hubert Trimbach, with operations in the winery lead by Bernard’s sons Pierre, as winemaker and Jean, leading sales and newly joined by Hubert’s eldest daughter Anne There are now three generations working together in the winemaking process, a total of thirteen generations of Trimbachs!




It was 1626 when Jean Trimbach arrived in the Riquewihr from Sainte Marie aux Mines, was recognized as a citizen and established the beginnings of a rich viticultural history. Moving within Alsace, the Trimbach’s moved to Hunawihr, (known for its excellent Rieslings) in 1840 when Jean Frederic took an important position in what used to be called the wine” gourmetage”. Winemaking took off for the family in 1898 when Frederic Emile Trimbach, after stepping into this father, Jean Frederic’s, shoes in Hunawihr, began to develop the business much like we know it to be now. The highest quality certificate was awarded to Frederic Emile, for his wines at the international show of Brussels in 1898, testifying to the already established prestige of the Trimbach name. Frederic Emile’s son, Frederic Theodore, transferred the firm to the medieval town of Ribeauville after World War I, where it has been ever since.





Located in the Haut-Rhin surrounding the town of Ribeauville, Maison Trimbach’s vineyards are dominated by limestone soils, and benefit from the unique Alsatian microclimate provided by the “rain shadow” effect of the Vosges Mountains on the west and the Rhine River on the east. They have vineyard holdings within three Grand Cru sites; Grand Cru Rosacker, where the historical Clos Sainte Hune monopole is located, Grand Cru Geisberg and Grand Cru Osterberg. Clos Sainte Hune, with its limestone soils and vine age of fifty years, has been owned by the Trimbach family for over two hundred years.



The family personally looks after each operation, from plantings to harvest , and vinifcation to bottling. Grapes are all hand harvested as late as possible in order to achieve maximum ripeness levels, and pressed using a pneumatic press. Natural clarification, and fermentation happens in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks for two to three weeks to preserve the clarity and freshness . All wines, with the exception of Vendage Tardives and Selection de Grains Nobles, are vinified completely dry with no residual sugar or malolactic fermentation. Wines are fined, filtered and bottled right away, and the Trimbachs chose to age their wine in bottle for one to five years prior to release, depending on the cuvee.

Trimbach Grapes

Grape Varieties and Styles

Maison Trimbach produces wines from the four noble grape varieties of Alsace, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Muscat and Gewurztraminer, as well as Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir. Known for their ‘purist’ vision, Maison Trimbach produces dry wines that are labeled by proprietary names rather than grand cru designation. For example, their celebrated Clos Sainte Hune and Cuvee Frederic Emile Rieslings are not labeled by their Grand Cru designation, but rather named to give honor and recognition to individual history of the sites and specific terroirs.

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