Ayala: An Archetype of Great Champagne
© Champagne Ayala

Ayala: An Archetype of Great Champagne

Champagne Ayala

© Champagne Ayala

Once holding the Royal Warrants for the courts of both England and Spain, Champagne Ayala is renowned for its elegant and fresh wines. A pioneer in low dosage wines; Edmond de Ayala founded this archetypal house in 1860 in Aÿ. Blessed not only with his family’s sense of ambition but also their dedication to excellence and a taste for adventure, Edmond rapidly made a name for himself in Champagne. But it was his younger brother Fernand, who moved to London in 1863, who would ultimately be the driver for the popularity of this great House.

During the 1920’s the house experienced a grand golden age. Producing not only over one million bottles a year, but also proving an industry leader with their innovative and evocative advertisements. However, despite this rich history, after World War II, the house began to suffer. Purchased by the Bollinger family in 2005, the house has undergone a great restoration under this family’s leadership. Investing heavily in the winemaking

Ayala Cellars

© Ayala Cellars

facilities, the Bollinger family has implemented a policy of quality over quantity and initiated the resurgence of this distinct historical champagne house.

Over 150 years after its creation, today the House of Ayala is lead by winemaker Caroline Latrive. A champagne native, Caroline became the Cellar Master in 2011. Under her guidance 2.5 million bottles age gracefully in the House’s 2+ kilometer chalk cellars; producing stunning wines dominated by the Chardonnay grape. Not to be missed these great wines are characterized by their precision, delicacy and ethereal quality.

The Wines of Champagne Ayala

  • Brut Majeur
  • Rosé Majeur
  • Blanc de Blancs 2005
Ayala Brut Majeur 91 Points, Wine Spectator. Pale yellow in color this wine is nonetheless very big with balance and approachability. The nose is open and fruity with underlying notes of cream and butter. The refined texture, firm edge and crisp bubbles deliver an elegantly creamy palate of lingering freshness.

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Ayala Rose Majeur 90 Points, Wine Enthusiast. A lovely salmon-pink robe yields a delicate and suggestive nose with stunning notes of candied orange. A berry note is complimented by hints of herbs and spice. Bright with a long finish the wine is crisp and delicate.

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Ayala Blanc de Blancs 2005 92 Points, Wine Spectator. A brilliant golden yellow robe with a fine fizz, delivers a stunningly fresh and yet opulent wine. With notes of lemon, chalk and brioche on the nose, the palate delivers a full vinous character that lingers.

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