Tres de Mayo Mezcal/Margarita Tasting
Sombra The Shade Mezcal Oaxaca, Mexico

Tres de Mayo Mezcal/Margarita Tasting

Tres de Mayo Mezcal/Margarita Tasting

Join us, Friday, May 3, when Eric from Michael Skurnik Wines (they sell spirits too) stops by between 6:00 and 9:00 for an early Cinco de Mayo tasting featuring Sombra Mezcal. There will be top-shelf margaritas and merriment, and we promise not to quiz you about the significance of Cinco de Mayo or the Battle of Puebla.

Fouquette Rosée d’Aurore

Sombra “The Shade” Mezcal Oaxaca, Mexico

Here’s what Sombra has to say about the flavor of their Mezcal: “What does it taste like? Well, we think you know best so, naturally, we encourage you to try it and describe it as you see fit. But if you ask us, we’ll say: spicy, fruity and hi-toned (think the Alto on the music register) with notes of citrus and roasted pineapple. Of course there is smoke – that’s part of the process – but we use Encino Oak which is subtle enough to allow the other flavors to share the stage. The result is one elegant and complex spirit that is rich, round, and very delicious.” Sounds about right to us.


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